Therapy It’s How you help Yourself

Therapy is a wise choice when you are feeling down

An opportunity to make life better

Therapy is a wise choice when you are feeling depressed or anxious

Everyone suffers and everyone makes mistakes.  When you notice that your life has gotten off course, you have an opportunity to do something differently.  Perhaps for the first time in your life.

When working with clients I focus on what is unique about your situation and how we can work together to reduce your suffering.  Paying attention to the details of your life in a gentle way provides a chance to see what is important and from there you can begin to make changes. 

If you have been feeling down for some time and think it is time to do something, therapy can be the best place to start.  In a safe and thoughtful setting you can create a roadmap for where you would like to go.  In therapy you will learn ways of managing anxiety and stress that can make a difference for you.  You can finally address what’s standing in the way of well-being for you. 

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Dr. Sarah Thompson